Thursday, 18 October 2012

Dalacin T Acne Treatment.

Hey guys!

So I've suffered from spots for years now and I've never had clear skin.

So I thought I would consult my doctor about it and see what he can do. I've used so many products and none of them seem to get rid of all my spots.

He prescribed me a lotion called Dalacin T. It is a type of antibiotic cream that kills all the bacteria on the face that causes spots. Now this doesn't work overnight, I use it twice a day and haven't been wearing any face makeup because I don't want to block up my pores. You can't buy this from any drug stores because it is strong. This is a 60ml bottle which will last me ages! You only need to apply a pea sized amount to your finger and you have plenty for all of your face. It doesn't smell of anything, which is good! The only downfall is it does have side effects, but the side effects have worked in my favour surprisingly. I have always had dry skin but since I've been using this lotion my skin feels really soft! You either get oily skin from using this or really dry skin, but because my skin was so dry in the first place and this was making my skin oily it has now become combination yay!

I have yet to see any actual results regarding my spots yet, but I shall give it time and update you soon!

Chloe x

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