Thursday, 17 October 2013


Well what a surprise to see you here!

Hey guys, yes I know I haven't blogged a lot lately but I've been busy girl! I went to the Reading Festival which was AMAZING! (Blog post about that will be up soon) I saw Green Day how awesome is that! Anyway I'm side tracking but yes I'm posting again but not as frequent due to it being my last year of A-Levels then hopefully off to Uni I go!

So I went on a slight rampage and bought nearly the whole of Lush this summer, but there was one product that I was just itching to try which was 'Big'. It's a sea salt shampoo that claims to add volume and texture to your hair as well as packing your hair with essential oils. I must admit I was skeptical about this product because of the actual lumps of salt! I honestly thought that the grains of salt were sharp enough to cut my scalp; luckily the woman working there re-assured me that they broke down as soon as there was contact with water and were actually really exfoliating. I have been using this for over a month and for the best part of the time this product has been great but there was some issues I've had with it. Here is a simple list of the pro's and cons of this product! Enjoy!


  •  exfoliating
  • natural
  • not animal tested
  • contains essential oils
  • smells great
  • adds texture
  • leaves hair feeling clean for days/ no grease.
  • Made my hair very knotty 
  • didn't really add volume to my hair (my hair is naturally straight but has a slight wave to it and is fine)
  • I found it actually gave me a dry scalp after a while
  • The Price (£11)
So obviously the pro's weigh'd out the cons but the dry scalp was the worst for me. I'd say this is a good shampoo if you plan on going somewhere where you are going to style your hair but if you are just having a lazy weekend there's really no point. Maybe it would be more beneficial to switch to a Lush shampoo bar and a hair mask just to ensure your hair and scalp stays in great condition.

Hope this was informative for some of you whom are eager to try it but wants an honest opinion!

Chloe x