Wednesday, 19 December 2018

My Rose Retreat Experience.

So I recently had the absolute pleasure of visiting the Rose Retreat hidden away in the luscious gardens of Cyfarthfa Park. My overall experience was so relaxing and the ladies made me feel so at ease throughout my experience. 

As I walked through the door I was greeted by a lovely lady called Amy who was performing my treatment that day. She welcomed me with a beaming smile and explained to me that I was to change into a robe and meet her back outside the changing room when I was ready. 

The changing room was beautiful to say the least. The lights being dimmed continued the relaxing feel of the place. There were toiletries at my disposal if need be, such as wet wipes, hairspray etc. After changing I left the room to be greeted again by Amy with some water (as I was driving) and led me into a room that was again dimmed with soothing music playing as well as a water feature that elevated the relaxing feel. The room has a sauna as well as a selection of chaise lounge chairs that came with head massage pillows on top and were draped over with a soft throw. Honestly I could have fallen asleep in this room.

After spending a few minutes in this room I was then shown to the upstairs area where my 'Vino Pure' facial took place. My treatment was by Amy who made me feel at ease throughout my experience. She began my treatment by showing me to the bed where they had a throw to put over yourself then she began with my 11 step facial which began with removing any makeup left on my face to ensure all the products work into my skin as effectively as possible, She then proceeded through these steps:
. Cleanse
. Exfoliate
. Tone
. Massage
. Mask
. Head Massage
. Vino Pure Toner
. Vino Pure Moisturiser
. Beauty Elixir
I couldn't tell you how long this took because I was certainly nodding off throughout my facial...
All of the products used were from the Caudalie skincare range and felt so luxurious on my skin. Suffering with a lot of texture on my cheeks, forehead and chin I felt instant results. My skin was so soft to the touch and my forehead texture was practically gone. My skin felt so clean and fresh. The facial was exactly what my skin needed and it drank up all of the skincare products.

 I was then taken back to the room with the sauna and the chaise lounge chairs where I spent the remainder of my stay. There was no pressure for me to leave I could leave whenever I felt I wanted to and was brought tea, cake and a bowl of crisps (which were 10/10 for an avid crisp eater). I ended my day chatting to the ladies of the Rose Retreat expressing my excitement for the place as I felt it took me away from the hectic world, which was certainly what I needed in the midst of my university work. I would certainly recommend visiting the Rose Retreat if you're in South Wales as it is such a lovely warming experience.

If you would like to book with these lovely ladies please take a look at their facebook or instagram page.


Instagram: the_rose_retreat