Monday, 6 February 2017

How to be selfish...

Hello lovely people.

So, these winter nights and this miserable weather really does take it's toll mentally and physically. I've become a sloth (kind of always have been though) and I'm not happy about it. It's difficult to stay motivated and positive when you feel like you have been living in artificial light for months. Alas I feel like I'm slowly figuring out ways to feel positive and productive even if it's the little things. Being selfish for a change is not a crime. You can become your own worst enemy sometimes and you feel there's no need to stop and be just by yourself. Trust me being by yourself and caring for yourself from time to time makes the world of difference. I'm going back to university this September to study English which I am so excited about and glad I'm ready to push myself. Knowing I have this goal really helps with preparing.
Reading - I've always read books but I'll admit I've never been a consistent reader; but knowing I'm jumping head first into a degree has given me the push I need to educate myself in small easy ways. Educating yourself is so rewarding and can really help increase memory and focus. I've set myself a goal of reading at least a chapter of a book every night without fail. To my surprise this small change worked! I began getting into the books I was ready and at points I would realise I've ready about five to six chapters and have been completely engrossed without realising. This has also been helping get to sleep a lot easier than usual because I'm not on my phone in the night as much.
Blogging! - I'm really enjoying blogging and youtube lately. It again stimulates my mind because I'm writing and editing and it gives me such an amazing sense of achievement when I notice people are actually visiting my blog and taking the time to read my posts.
Winding Down - Whether this is watching a new movie, drinking copious amounts of tea or just listening to some music. Winding down is so important give yourself time to de-stress and try and forget about the world for at least 5 minutes. It makes a difference!
Diet - I'm the biggest culprit for letting my diet slip at the moment. It is difficult but I find when I eat healthy I feel like I have so much more energy and I feel happier. I'm not saying cut out everything bad because you should definitely be able to treat yourself; but maybe those biscuits you love, eat two of them instead of 5. Or have one sugar in your tea instead of two. Little things mean a lot!
Mindfulness - So I recently discovered this app called 'Headspace' and it's so helpful. It calms you down if you're feeling overwhelmed and anxious and it enables you to create time for yourself, even if you listen to a session for ten minutes. That ten minutes was your undivided attention for yourself.
Emotions - Understand your emotions and appreciate they're there that's what makes you human. You'll get upset over situations and you'll feel the pressure, but that's okay. It's okay to cry whenever you want to, it definitely doesn't show weakness. Don't beat yourself up even when you really want to. Just take a breath and appreciate yourself and how far you've come.
Pamper Yourself - When your'e really down I understand how difficult it is to even shower but sitting in the bath, reading a book and taking time to look after your skin once in a while feels so rewarding. Even if you've done nothing else in the day that hour or so of self care can feel like such a massive achievement that day. Enable yourself to be selfish and treat yourself with the same love you treat others. looking after yourself mentally and physically is so important and don't be ashamed to do so...
I hope this has helped if anyone is feeling a bit uninspired, anxious, stressed or overwhelmed at the moment.

Thank you for reading.
Chloe x