Monday, 16 March 2015

My Current Skincare Routine.

Hey guys!

So here's my current skincare routine for anyone who is having difficulty choosing what skincare regime to go for, or whether you are just looking to try something new.

After I remove my makeup from the day I like to use my Garnier makeup remover that has been featured in my previous beauty favourites; I then like to use the Clinique spot treatment collection. I suffer from skin redness and minor acne (I also have dry skin for anyone unsure of whether these products can be used on dry skin). I begin with splashing my face with warm water then I use the ant-blemish solution foam cleanser. I find this facial wash doesn't feel like its blocking up my pores because its foam based. I apply in circular motions and gently massage this into my face and neck. I then remove the cleanser with a Liz Earle muslin cloth.

I then move onto my Clarifying Lotion; I apply this all over my face and neck with a cotton pad. This step is to ensure there is no residue of makeup or facial wash left on my face which can enable more breakouts by sinking into your pores. I will admit this slightly burns but I do have very sensitive skin. With this said this lotion certainly gets rid of anything left on my skin.

I move onto the actual treatment and moisturiser after these steps are complete. I use the Liz Earle Superskin Concentrate on the delicate areas of my face, such as around the eye area. This product is oil based which may be slightly terrifying for the oily skin majority out there, but trust me this will sink into your skin and nourish the skin overnight and will reduce rough skin or bags under the eyes.

I finally move onto the all over Clearing Treatment. This is a moisturising treatment that I apply to the entire face and down my neck. This keeps my skin hydrated and calms and blemish or redness that occurs. This doesn't burn at all and is gentle enough for very sensitive skin. I apply this moisturiser day and night to ensure my skin is always well hydrated.

A side note for also treating spot prone skin is to drink plenty of water and use a clay mask twice a week depending on the skin type.

Hope this helped guys.

Chloe x

Friday, 6 March 2015

The Sun Said Hello!

Here's an outfit of the day for you guys. It started to feel more like Spring today (finally), so I whipped out the crop top like nobody's business. Hope you like this look.

Glasses - Gok Wan
Crop Top - Urban Outfitters
Mom Jeans - Primark
Cardigan - H&M
Slip ons - Matalan
Watch - Urban Outfitters

Chloe x

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Just A Little Something To Brighten Up Your Day!

Hey guys,

So here's a little poster I've done on happiness. I find the little things make me the happiest. So here's just a little list on what improves my lifestyle and well being.

Please comment on what little thing makes you happy.

Chloe x