Saturday, 27 October 2012

I Love Fall Tag!

Hey Guys!

So Since everyone's doing the I love fall tag I thought I'd follow the crowd and do it as well.

1)Favourite Fall Nail Polish? - No.7 Totally Teal Nail Polish. I love this colour so much! It really gives my nails a glossy shine and it lasts so long.

2)Favourite Fall Beverage? - It would have to be Hot Chocolate! I love drinking hot chocolate in the fall just because it keeps me warm and tastes amazing.

3)Favourite Fall Lip Product? - 17 New Black. This colour is amazine, it's a really dark purple and it's perfect for fall.

4)Do you like Haunted Houses? - YES! I love anything to do with horror, so haunted house rides are right up my street. The only thing I dislike about haunted houses are the really loud noises!

5)Favourite Halloween Movie? - Nightmare on Elm Street the original. The movie is a classic and Freddie always freaks me out.

6)What's your favourite thing about Fall? - The clothes. I love the dark burgundy's and mustard colours. I just love wearing baggy jumpers and warm boots.

Hope You Enjoyed!

Chloe x