Monday, 26 November 2012

Balmi Lip Balm.

Hey guys!

 So I've been doing a lot of Christmas shopping lately. So I went into Boots and found this lip balm. I was absolutely fascinated by it! This is the coconut one. They also has the mint there and the strawberry. This lip balm comes with a little strap which means you can put it on your keys or on your bag. The lip balms in Boots are currently three for two, so I bought one for my mother for her birthday and my sister; this basically means my one was free haha.

They are normally £4.99 each though. This lip balm for me is really nourishing and moisturising. It's going to last me absolutely ages too!

So if you are stuck for what gifts to get your friends and/or family, or maybe you just want one for yourself, i'd highly recommend this!

Hope this helped guys!

Chloe x

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