Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Giving Your Hair Some Oomph!

Hey Guys!

Today I have a few hair products I would like to share with you.

So my hair after I wash it just poker straight and quite thin. So I use these three amazing products daily to give my hair that bit of oomph it needs!

So after I come out of the bath/ shower I towel dry my hair and leave it in the towel for about 10 minutes whilst I'm doing my face routine. Then I use L'Oreal's Hot Curl Thermal curling spray. I spray this all over my hair then tilt my head upside down to blow dry it. I do this because by drying your hair upside down it already makes your hair feel a lot thicker and bigger. Also whilst drying my hair at the same time i scrunch pieces of hair for the curling spray to work. This enable my hair to naturally curl slightly.

After that I then use my L'Oreal Matt and Messy Salt Spray and apply that mostly to the ends then scrunch. This gives my hair that tousled beach look.

Finally I use my VO5's Give Me Texture powder and apply a small amount to the roots of my hair to give my hair more volume and texture. Then I am done! What I would recommend though if you are having a bath/ shower in the night is to just use the curling spray with the hair dryer then the next morning apply the other two products.

Hope This was a helpful little tutorial for you!

Chloe x

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