Monday, 24 June 2013

My Favourite Drugstore Foundations!

So here's my 3 favourite drugstore/ high street foundations. 

I'm going to start off with Rimmel London's 'Wake Me Up' foundation. I have been aware of the huge hype circulating this foundation so me being my skeptical self had to try this out for myself. This product certainly didn't disappoint me. I was so shocked at how well it blended and how it gave me a subtle glow to my skin. I was aware that this product had a slight shimmer to it but on my face the shimmer was not noticeable at all. This foundation has an anti-fatigue effect which sort of is true to an extent. I found this foundation certainly evened out my skins redness and is build able but when it comes to flawless looking skin I certainly reach out for my 'Lasting Finish' foundation which I will come to in just a mo! Overall this product is very moisturising, evens out my skin, covers my under eye circles and gives me a radiant glow.This product retails around £8.99.
Rating for this product - 4/5  

The next product I am going to talk about is the Rimmel London 'Lasting Finish 25 Hour' foundation. I absolutely love this product for when I need a full coverage and when I want to achieve a flawless look. This is in the lightest shade but I have to admit it is a tad too dark for me but it blends well and is perfect for when you catch a tan. I don't even have to build up this product to achieve a flawless look due to the formula being rather thick. This product is again moisturising and gives me a lovely glow. The only downfall to this product is that it can transfer onto clothes, hands etc so I'd advise setting the foundation with a powder. This product retails at around £6.99.
Rating for this product - 4.5/5

The final product I am going to talk about is Bourjois ' Healthy Mix Serum' this product has a different formula to the other two foundations, this product has a gel based formula which for me makes the foundation feel light on my skin and blends very well. This is in the shade light vanilla and is the perfect shade for my skin. The bottle may seem small and thin but it does last quite a while. The only downfall to this product is that it doesn't hide my blemishes that well and the formula makes my skin feel and appear quite dry. This product retails at around £9.99.
Rating for this product - 2/5

Chloe x

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