Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Cranberry Joy Shower Gel Review.

Hey guys!

Here's a review on the Cranberry Joy shower gel from the Body Shop.

Last month I purchased the Spiced Pumpkin shower gel and was in love with it! The scent was gorgeous and it lasted for a long time. Unfortunately the Spiced Pumpkin shower gel was limited addition :( So I thought I'd try out the Cranberry Joy to get into the festive spirit. This smells absolutely amazing! Their is a subtle sweetness to it, so the scent isn't sickly.

When I began using this shower gel I found it very nice and the scent lingered. Unfortunately the second time I used it wasn't a good experience. I started noticing my skin was becoming irritated and dry. I thought nothing of it and just applied a moisturizer. I just assumed that the harsh cold weather was to blame. So I used it for the third time and yet again my skin became irritated, but this time I noticed a rash was forming around my neck and on my arms. Now just as a disclaimer I would like to say I do suffer from Eczema, so my skin is sensitive to some products. I had to stop using it and stick to a Simple brand. I figured that they may have changed the formula of the shower gel, the reason I thought this was because my last Body Shop shower gel didn't irritate my skin what so ever.

I'm not saying that you shouldn't buy this product because Body Shop is normally very good but if you do have sensitive skin I definitely think you should give this product a miss.

Hope I helped!

Chloe x

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