Saturday, 22 December 2012

Expressing My Love For Soap & Glory.

Hey Guys!

This post is basically me sharing my love for Soap and Glory with you!

As I have mentioned before I have very troubled skin so a lot of bath/shower products just disagree with my skin. I love the packaging for Soap and Glory so that's the first thing that ever appealed to me when I noticed them for the first time. My first Soap and Glory purchase was the mini 'flake away'. This appealed to me because I needed a scrub to get rid of my dead skin and it smelt amazing. Also as a bonus this was only a few pounds so it was perfect as a sample for me and if I loved it I could purchase this in the full size tub. My favourite scrub out of the selection would be 'pulp friction'. The beads are not very rough on the skin so it won't irritate the skin. The only thing I would say about this is don't use it daily. I use it twice a week and it has kept my skin feeling amazing. After using 'pulp friction' I would then use the 'righteous butter' so my skin is well moisturised.

 Also I would highly recommend the 'glad hair day' conditioner. It leaves my hair very soft and smelling amazing. This also comes in a mini travel size so you can try this out before purchasing the full size. The final two things I am going to mention is the body mist called 'mist you madly' this has the most amazing smell and it lingers for a while so you know your smelling lovely all day! And finally I love the 'scrub of your life' body scrub. This is similar to 'pulp friction' but 'pulp friction' has more of a fruity scent to it. I love both scrubs and think they are definitely worth a purchase. My Soap and Glory collection continues to grow and I would highly recommend these products to anyone!

I would also like to purchase the 'breakfast scrub' after hearing so much great things about it.

Just quickly guys I will be holding a GIVEAWAY soon. If I reach 100 followers I will be giving one of you fashionable people a Soap and Glory product! So spread the word and please help!

Thank you!

Chloe x

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