Saturday, 9 February 2013

Hair Curling Routine.

Hey guys! So a little different today. I'm not reviewing or posting outfits today. I thought I'd jazz my page up a bit and tell you about my hair curling routine. So my hairs medium length, straight and quite thin.

So to achieve the curls I have in the top picture I start off by spraying TRESemme's Heat Defence spray just so the curling wand doesn't damage my hair. I make sure to concentrate on the ends of my hair to prevent split ends.

I then use the Remington Pearl Wand which heats up to 210C. It takes no time at all to heat up and comes with a glove and a heat mat which can be used for a travel case. It also comes which clips to separate the hair but I don't use them.

So to achieve these curls I simple curl my hair away from my face and take quite big sections. I usually leave my hair wrapped around the wand for around 10 seconds. Finally I spray my hair with hairspray then its done! but if you want messy curls then separate the curls with your fingers and use some texture spray or use a thick brush and gentle brush through the curls. To achieve bigger curls take bigger sections and use VO5's Give Me Texture powder to get big curly hair.

And that's how simple it is! It only take me under 10 minutes to achieve these curls too.

I hope this little tutorial helped!

Chloe x


  1. I have this curling wand too, so this post was really useful! I know you've all ready been nominated for the Liebster award, but i really love your blog and its such an inspiration so i wanted to nominate you again.
    For all of the details, my blog is The Rabbit and The Deer (
    Maddie xx

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