Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Kate Moss 101 Matte Lipstick.

Hey guys!

Sorry I've been awful at posting lately I've just been a tad stressed with School and people haha.

So to cheer myself up I bought myself a new lipstick that I've been contemplating on buying for ages and I finally got around to it.

This is a Rimmel London lipstick and it is from the Kate Moss Matte range. This is in the number 101 which is an amazing light pink that just enhances your natural lip colour. You can apply this lightly or generously depending on the occasion or whether you have darker/lighter skin. This is my go-to everyday lipstick. I use it for school because it just lasts all day and doesn't dry out my lips.

If you do suffer from dry lips but love the matte collection then just make sure you apply a generous amount of lip balm before applying; this ensures that your lips won't dry out and the colour will still last!

My two favourite lipsticks from this collection would have to be this one (101) and the 107 (which I've already reviewed).

Chloe x

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