Sunday, 16 September 2012

Beauty UK - No.7 In The Buff Lipstick.

Hey Guys!

Yet another review for you today! I've recently been purchasing lipsticks from Beauty UK because their lipstick's are long lasting and come in either 'matte' or 'moist' textures. These lipstick's have been formulated with a fresh minty taste, and the moist textured lipstick's do not make your lips dry at all, and gives you a long lasting colour with a glossy shine. This lipstick is called 'in the buff'. It's a lovely pink colour that isn't very bright so is wearable for work or school.

I also have the purple matte lipstick from Beauty UK called 'snob'. The matte lipstick's are also long lasting but i would recommend using a lip balm with it because it can dry up your lips.

I love this colour so much and I will definitely be purchasing some more lipstick's from the Beauty UK range in the future. All lipsticks are £3.49.

Chloe x

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