Monday, 3 September 2012

Freederm Face Wash.

I used to have terrible skin, it was dry and spot prone. My skin started putting me down and I didn't feel confident without make-up. A few months back I purchased Freederm's Exfoliating Daily Wash and the Sensitive Facial Wash. I used the sensitive facial wash morning and night then the exfoliating wash about twice a week. My spots were beginning to clear up and my face felt so soft but i still wasn't 100% satisfied with the results. So I decided to change my regime, I now use the sensitive daily wash in the morning and the exfoliating daily was in the evenings and this is definitely working.

With all this said my skin is still slightly spot prone but they are clearing fast. In the night i still use my simple anti-blemish moisturiser and my skin feels amazing. I would recommend not changing from one product to a different one every month or so due to your face not being able to adjust so quickly to a rapid change. So all my products are Freederm and Simple, and these products compliment each other so well.

Also as a side note these products are perfect for any skin type.

Hope I've helped you guys!

Chloe x


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