Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Collection 2000 nail varnish.

Hey guys!

I've currently been loving the collection 2000 nail varnish's. The colours are so bright, and you only need one coat. I am absolutely terrible for chipping my nails a day after I've painted them and it's so frustrating! but this nail varnish doesn't chip easily which is fab for me. I use the natural collection crystal clear nail varnish as a base coat then this over the top. This nail varnish is very easy to get off and doesn't stain your nails or the skin around. This varnish is called fruit salad and it's from the hot fast dry collection.
Here is another colour by the same collection. This one is called ninja, and as you can tell it's a very bright green. I love this colour!


Chloe x

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